The Last Classes Were Held On Friday 24th December 2016

It was with much sadness that we closed down the studio. Running a studio is a big financial commitment and, unfortunately, we didn’t have enough students to make it viable anymore.

We feel privileged to have been able to share our teachings with you and are extremely grateful for the support of the many students who came to our classes.

If you are interested in yoga classes, check out Suzanne’s Penang Spirit page where she lists all the classes we know about. Penang Spirit has lots of other useful information about health, wellness, vegetarian restaurants in Penang and much more. There’s also some interviews with yoga teachers in Penang.

As well as the Penang Spirit website, Suzanne still runs the Penang Yoga Facebook group and the Penang Vegetarian Facebook group.

When we do any future classes/courses at other venues, you’ll hear about them on Penang Spirit and Penang Yoga Facebook Group.

Namaste! Ken and Suzanne Morgan

Heart-Opening Movement
Bow Posture - Dhanurasana
alternate nostril breathing
Yoga Lunge